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rymonfest's Journal

Rymon Fest!
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Welcome to the Rymon Fest community!

Rules of the Rymon Fest

1. You may submit as many prompts as you like. There will be a post up in which to submit prompts soon.

2. If you submit any prompts, you must write at least one fic. I think demanding that people write as many prompts as they submit would be a little too hard, so we'll probably just end up with some prompts left over. That's alright, we can use them next time!

3. Prompt claiming is first come first serve. Once we open for claiming, whoever posts asking for a prompt first gets it, and it will be crossed off the list as soon as Lissa or I get a chance to update it. Obviously, you cannot claim your own prompt.

4. Please only claim one or two prompts at a time. This is in the interest of leaving some for everyone else. However, if you finish the prompts you already have, or everyone else has already chosen and you want more, feel free to claim one or two more, and so on!

5. Please try your hardest to meet our deadline for your fic. We will give ample time for everyone to finish (until the end of the AI season) Still, we understand if you need a little extension, but please tell one of the mods if this is the case!

6. Do not claim more prompts than you can realistically finish, or claim prompts and then flake out on us. If you really realize that you can't complete a prompt for whatever reason, please tell the mods as soon as you know and we will open that prompt for claiming once more. It just wouldn't be any fun if people didn't get to see their prompt all nice and written out!

7. Please try to follow a prompt as closely as you can. If someone asks for a fic to be rated G, please do not show up with something NC-17. Likewise, if someone asks for violence, don't show up with a fluff fic. Anything outside the confines of the prompt is up to you, however. Use your imagination!

8. If in the course of writing a prompt, you find you really can't cohere to one of the sticking points, please contact the person who submitted the prompt to ask them if it is alright to change, or discuss how you can come to a compromise which works for the both of you.

9. Any and all fics are welcome for the fest (As long as they are Rymon, of course, though friendship or simply dynamic fics are perfectly acceptable too) but please include a warning upon posting if your fic has anything which might bother a reader, such as character death, rape, bondage, that sort of thing. A rating must be included as well.

10. Be nice to everyone! I don't see why we might have any problem, but Lissa and I do reserve the right to ban someone from the fest if we feel absolutely necessary. Constructive criticism on fics is perfectly fine, of course, unless the poster specifically asks for none, but certainly no bashing or anything like that.